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Friend for New Life

We give you some concrete examples of how research at the Center for Reproductive Medicine will make a difference in someone’s life. Some techniques we use now, and we want to correct, we expect other scientific breakthroughs in the coming decades.


Reproduction and implant research on the embryo and on the implantation of the embryo   


Soumaya, a young woman of 30, already had four miscarriages in a row. There is nothing wrong with the embryo, but with the way it is implanted in the uterus. Unfortunately we can’t yet help her, but we’re working on it. Thanks to research on embryos and implant it would be possible for her to have a pregnancy to term by selecting the correct embryo that won’t be rejected. “


Follicular Biology, Research on oocyte

Ellen, a young patient who’s 17 years old with leukemia, has no partner but would like to have a chance to be a mother. The chemotherapy will make her ovaries stop working. With a technique like invitromaturaty we can bring her eggs to maturation and freeze them later. We can also remove and store the ovary, who by the chemo are unusable, and plant them back later. Previously we detect any malignant cells, so there is no risk that we reintroduce cancer in the body.”


Biology of the Testis, research on sperm

Peter is eight and has leukemia. The chemotherapy will make him infertile. As long as he is not in puberty we can retrieve and freeze his stem cells, who later become his sperm, and refitting them later. By freezing these stem cells now we work proactively for this research. We hope that we can transplant Peter’s sperm when he’ll be an adult."


Reproduction and Genetics, research of the embryo


Embryonal stem cells are the basics for new life, to have a child or like regeratieve disorder such as heart failure, Parkinson’s and diabetes,… Here we truly are on the verge of scientific breakthroughs for decades.

Luca, a seven year old boy, who has type 1 diabetes. This incurable immune disease has a big impact on his life. But there is a solution in sight. Pancreatic progenitor cells can be derived from human embryonic stem cells. If we could further stride into functional beta cells will radically change Luca’s life.”